Ethereum Soars High: Vitalik Buterin Aims to Fix All Scaling Issues Before Bull Run

Ethereum Soars High: Vitalik Buterin Aims to Fix All Scaling Issues Before Bull Run

• Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin believes a bull run is coming, but scaling issues need to be fixed first.
• Shapella upgrade has allowed for staked units to be withdrawn, and the next focus is on scaling.
• Wall Street and institutional investors could take notice due to the recent price surges as a result of the upgrade.

Ethereum’s Upgrade Brings Bull Run Possibilities

Ethereum recently underwent its Shapella upgrade, which has caused new liquidity that could bring in Wall Street and institutional investors. This news comes from Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who believes there will be a bull run soon but that scaling problems must be addressed before it arrives.

The Merge Upgrade

In September of last year, Ethereum went through its The Merge upgrade which changed it from proof of work to proof of stake module so that transactions would become less expensive and quicker. With this new Shapella upgrade, the currency units that have been staked can now also be withdrawn.

Vitalik Buterin’s Take On Scaling Issues

Buterin commented on how important it is to fix these scaling issues ahead of time saying: “If we don’t fix scaling before the next bull run, people are going to be stuck paying $500 transaction fees.“ It remains unclear if he plans on making this part of his next big upgrade or when it will happen.

Big Investors Could Get Involved

Analysts are confident that the surge in prices as a result of this upgrade could draw attention from bigger investors such as those from Wall Street or institutional funds. Mona El Isa, chief executive of crypto firm Avantgarde Finance stated: “The highly anticipated Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is potentially game-changing and could be the catalyst towards digital assets becoming mainstream in the majority of funds… This newfound liquidity will be seen as a move to de-risking digital asset al”


It looks like another bull run may very well be on its way for Ethereum due to their Shapella upgrade, but vitalik Buterin insists that scaling issues must first be sorted out before things come together properly. Bigger investors may also take notice if prices continue to rise as they have been lately following this update.