Illinois Woman Gets Most of Stolen Crypto Back – 75% Recovered!

Illinois Woman Gets Most of Stolen Crypto Back – 75% Recovered!

• An Illinois woman was scammed out of $32,000 in BTC by a crypto fraudster posing as an influencer.
• Federal law enforcement agents have been able to recover around 75% of the stolen funds.
• Crypto scams are becoming more and more common, and people should be vigilant when dealing with online transactions.

Illinois Woman Scammed Out Of $32K

An Illinois resident recently reported to the O’Fallon Police Department that she had been defrauded out of $32,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) by someone impersonating a crypto influencer on Twitter.

Law Enforcement Agents Recover 75% Of Funds

Federal law enforcement agents were successful in seizing back as much as $24K from the scammers, though no criminal evidence has yet been released and no arrests have been made. This case serves as a reminder that cryptocurrency scams are becoming increasingly commonplace, so users should always be wary when engaging in online transactions.

Crypto Scams On The Rise

Cryptocurrency scams have become more frequent over time and can take many forms; these include romance scams where cyber thieves will target people looking for love online by gaining their trust before convincing them to invest funds into fraudulent platforms.

U.S Secret Service Comments On Case

Stephen S. Webster – head of the U.S Secret Service Office in Springfield, Illinois – commented on the case saying: “Unfortunately, new technology has made it easier for individuals abroad to take advantage of innocent victims throughout the United States…” He went on to add that the U.S Secret Service worked quickly alongside other agencies such as the U.S Attorney’s Office in order to prevent any further money from lining criminals pockets overseas.


It is important for people to remain vigilant when dealing with digital currency investments or any kind of online transaction involving money; this incident serves as proof that perpetrators will go to great lengths to con innocent victims out of their hard-earned cash!